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Bijoux Indiscrets is a trailblazing company in the market of erotica and sensual products. From the time it was founded in 2006, in Barcelona, the brand has achieved position as a european and worldwide referent in the sector; and it’s currently present in over 40 countries all over the world.

Bijoux Indiscrets features a wide range of sensual accessories, erotic cosmetics, and intimate toys designed by women for women, with the purpose of empowering women, lighting up the passion and creating unforgettable moments of pleasure.


The female face of eroticism

Bijoux Indiscrets was founded in 2006 in Barcelona by Marta Aguiar, from the business world, and Elsa Viegas, a graphic designer. They started out by converting a small basement into their first warehouse and, while this might not have been the perfect set-up, their vision was clear: to revolutionise the erotic sector with products designed for and by women and to bring a unique and feminine proposal to an industry that was very much male-oriented at the time.

"We are an erotic brand founded by women who design products for women, taking into account their likes, desires and pleasure with the aim of inspiring them to live out their sexuality"

Elsa Viegas

"Back in 2006, products were either cheap and poor quality or highly exclusive and expensive. This inspired us to come up with a new range: affordable luxury for all women. Designer female products at accessible prices for everyone."

Marta Aguiar

11 years later, Bijoux Indiscrets is considered a market pioneer and an international benchmark in erotic chic, with accessories, erotic cosmetics and intimate toys present in over 40 countries worldwide. Headquartered in Barcelona with a subsidiary in New York, the brand has a young and international team of over 17 employees and is constantly hiring other passionate individuals to continue revolutionising the sector and achieve the goal at hand: to make eroticism part of every woman's day-to-day.

"Our adventure began with a select few but over time we've been joined by a fantastic group of people who now form the Bijoux Indiscrets team. They're an extraordinary bunch and, like us, they dedicate their lives to their passions."

Elsa Viegas


Being in control of your sexuality is a powerful experience that we seek to bring to all women, with no exceptions. We strive to inspire, encourage and help them discover their pleasure and bodies, breaking down the taboos and prejudices that have come into being regarding female sexuality.


What makes us unique?

Pleasure as a lifestyle. With the aim of democratising female pleasure, we pledge to inform and educate women not only about their pleasure, but their wellbeing and rights too.

Unique design. All of our designs are unique. Designer and cofounder Elsa Viegas meticulously creates all of our products.

Elsa's designs blend the 'intimate' with the latest fashion trends and, as a result, many Bijoux Indiscrets products boast a dual-use component. The elegance and femininity exhibited by Bijoux Indiscrets products is what makes them so striking and versatile.

Taking care of you and your environment

Our products are specially developed with you in mind, so you feel good both inside and out:

  • Paraben-free cosmetics.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Not tested on animals. 


Fiction vs Reality in Sex

When we started out in 2006, we set ourselves the objective of breaking down the barriers in the consumer's mind regarding eroticism, and to thus enhance quality of life by improving people's sex lives. That's why we developed an in-depth study capable of uncovering the prejudices and taboos that influence and condition our sexual behaviour. The results of "Fiction vs Reality in Sex" inspired us to create, a place that gives a voice to the real sound of female pleasure.


To present the results and generate a social debate on the prejudices and taboos that condition our sexual behaviour, Bijoux Indiscrets created the first "Library of #RealOrgasms", a place that gives a voice to real pleasure and illustrates the diversity of the same. The project urges men and women alike, but women in particular, to record the sound of their "real orgasms" and share them anonymously on the library. Using Data Art, the website will then convert the orgasm into a true and unique work of art for each user, which they can then download and print. All of these orgasms will eventually come together to create a huge gallery that pays tribute to and disseminates the real sound of female pleasure.