From Body Massager To Sex Toy, All In One!

I am in the process of field testing this amazing vibrator in our store named Lady Bonnd Body Wand Massager… on my back… don’t get the wrong idea! Body wands are not usually my thing. I can tell what makes a high quality wand and I have no trouble recommending them to people seeking a sex toy with intense vibrations. I just have never really enjoyed a vibrating massage… until now that is!! The Lady Bonnd Wand is my new best friend with rumbly, strong and deep vibrations that make for a really pleasurable massage.

Lady Bonnd is a new brand of sex toys available at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, designed by a Swedish man named Eric Kalen who I discovered is the founder of LELO!! This for me says it all as LELO is a top of the range sex toy company. These toys instantly caught my attention with their sleek and sophisticated packaging. With so many pink and purple products available, black sex toys really appeal to me. The Body Wand Massager comes in a classy black box which is a perfect place to store the vibrator. Inside the box, you will find a USB charger, an instruction manual and the wand itself.

The Lady Bonnd Wand measures just under 30cm in length and is light in weight at 330 grams which makes for easy maneuvering as you massage yourself or a partner. The handle is made from hard plastic with a textured silicone curve which is very comfortable to hold. There are 3 buttons on the handle, on/off, + to increase vibrations and – to decrease.

As mentioned previously, the vibrations of this wand are incredible. I am a very sensitive person and can easily be irritated by high frequency and ticklish vibrations. These are deep, rumbly and are able to be adjusted to different levels by holding in the + or – buttons. There are 7 vibrating functions which is enough to find the one you’re most in the mood for. Even when used at the strongest vibration intensity, the Lady Bonnd wand is very quiet, especially when compared with other wands on the market. This wand is rechargeable and once fully charged, it will have approximately 2 hours of usage before the battery runs out.



Lady Bonnd Attachments Sex Toy Photo
Image: Lady Bonnd Attachments From Left to Right – Bubble, Caress and Bunny


The body safe silicone head of the wand is rounded with ridges all around and measures approximately 6cm in length. The silicone is a bit of a dust collector so just ensure you give it a bit of a clean before use, especially when using it on intimate areas. The neck of the head is flexible which means it can really get into all those tense spots when used as a body massager. As a sex toy, the flexible neck is perfect when used with one of the three available attachments.

The head of the Body Wand is perfect for a body massage and direct clit stimulation. However, the attachments can be used to change the head to provide stimulation to different areas of the body. The three unique attachments are named Bubble, Caress and Bunny. They are placed directly over the head of the wand. This proved to be a little bit tricky to master at first because of the drag of the silicone but nothing really to whine about.

The Bubble Attachment is reminiscent of small anal beads, with 3 balls gradually decreasing in size measuring 6cm in length from the base. It is safe enough to be used anally and vaginally as once placed on the head is very secure. This attachment is also firm enough to be great for direct clitoral stimulation.

The Caress Attachment is a peculiar looking shape, it has a longer head with an oval base with little nodules. Difficult to explain however trust me when I say this would be perfect for all over stimulation, especially on erogenous zones such as your nipples or clitoris.

The Bunny Attachment features 2 curved stimulators, one bigger than the other. Perfect for vaginal and clitoral dual stimulation. Think of this attachment as looking like a bunny with odd ears.

The Lady Bonnd Body Wand Massager is an affordable sex toy and can be purchased from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. The attachments are available at a low price to which means you’ll have no excuse but to mix it up with all three of these unique and quirky beauties. The toy comes with a 12-month warranty and is sure to please anyone looking for a high quality, diverse and classy body wand. I highly recommend this toy, come in quick to get yours as they won’t last long!!

There are a ton of arousal-inducing products, but many of them contain harmful chemicals that don’t make the benefits worth the possible side effects. So, it’s always nice to find a brand, like Sensuva, that only uses natural ingredients. Sensuva creates sexual wellness products with intimate health and passion in mind, all from plants and essential oils. Their ON for Her collection features personal moisturizers and arousal products designed specifically for a woman’s needs. When I had the opportunity to try their Original Arousal Oil, I wanted to see if it really would help me achieve a mind blowing orgasm, which it definitely delivered on. With a pleasurable, long lasting effect that made my clitoris even more responsive to stimulation, this oil has made it’s way to the top of my list.   

Name: ON Natural Arousal Oil Original
Type: Arousal Oil
By: Sensuva

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, Rosemary Oil Extract, Phenoxyethanol, and Ethylhexylglycerin

Thrilling Experience

It doesn’t take much for this oil to do its magic – two modest drops is all you’ll need to start feeling a pleasurable buzz. After squeezing the drops onto my finger, I rubbed the oil directly on my clitoris, and within a minute could feel a warm, tingling sensation that intensified with time.

My clit was even more sensitive to touch, making it heat up and throb every time something – my panties, a finger, or the shaft of a vibrator – rubbed against it. Even without touch, I experienced an elevated level of arousal that was too much to ignore. It was this overwhelming sensation that drove me to pull out one of my favorite toys. And I must say this oil took my orgasm up more than just a couple notches, with my climax lasting much longer than I’ve ever experienced.

Sensuva claims the effects of this oil lasts up to forty-five minutes, which is true, and surprisingly on the longer end. For me, the warming sensation lasted about thirty minutes, while my clit experienced heightened sensitivity for the full forty-five minutes. It’s also said that ON Natural Arousal Oil may cause increased personal lubrication, which I did have, even well after the effects had wore off. 

Natural Ingredients

ON Arousal Oil is made using natural ingredients and essential oils. It has the texture of a light oil, with Vitamin E that gives it a moisturizing property, and Rosemary that give it it’s aroma and soothing effect. A star ingredient is Cinnamomum Zeylanicum which causes the warm, tingling sensation that makes this oil so great and pleasurable. It has some preservatives that may cause irritation in some women, but I didn’t experience any negative side effects with this oil. What’s best is that it’s menthol-free, so you don’t have to worry about the discomfort and burning that’s usually associated with menthol-based arousal oils and gels.

ON is safe for oral consumption, so it can definitely be added to any oral sex session. It has a distinct taste, hinted by cinnamon and rosemary. It may cause light numbing of the tongue and roof of mouth. Due to the ingredients, it’s not compatible with latex condoms, as it may deteriorate the material and cause it to break. It also shouldn’t be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. This arousal oil is not meant to be used as a lubricant, so don’t insert it internally.

Pros & Cons


  • Natural ingredients
  • Warm, tingling sensation and heightened sensitivity of clitoris
  • Long lasting
  • Can be used during intercourse, oral sex, or solo play
  • Light texture


  • Not safe to use with condoms
  • Leaves a residue if it leaks on to fabric (sheets, clothing)


Sensuva hit almost every mark with this arousal oil. Even though it’s not compatible with condoms and will stain most fabrics, it’s the perfect addition to any intimate encounter – including foreplay, intercourse, and solo stimulation. A small amount goes a long way, treating your clit to a warm, highly sensitive effect that’ll last up to over half an hour. I received a personal ampoule which contains 0.01 fl.oz. While it seems like a tiny amount, I got three different uses out of it. ON also comes in a 0.17 fl. oz bottle, where you have the option of trying two more intensities – Lite and Ultra. And Sensuva didn’t forget about the guys. They offer ON for Him, geared towards male arousal. It’s TOTALLY worth it!